Sheila Norgate

She/Her/Mrs. Hokum: Good Breeding Waits for No Pandemic

March 19, 7pm @ Phoenix Theatre(at the Haven)

A new multi-media performance from Sheila Norgate:

sheila Norgate, one woman play, multi-media performance
Mrs. Frank Hokum

In Sheila Norgate‘s latest offering, we see the evidence of the tireless work of Mrs. Frank Hokum who – along with her staff of partially-trained pseudo scientists at the almost famous Hokum Institute – have come up with tips on how to maintain oneself as well-bred, well-mannered, and even dignified, while at the same time navigating a worldwide pandemic. 

Author of the best seller, My Toilet Paper, Myself, Mrs. Frank Hokum breathes fresh air into the stale corridors of epidemiology to bring you her latest findings. If you care at all about the state of social affairs in the world today, you will not want to miss this show. Even if you don’t care, you still don’t want to miss it.