Road Poets

March 18, 7pm @ Gabriola Community Hall – Brian Green opens the show

Road Poets is a seriously rockin’ good time with thoughtful, provoking lyrics. Think Neil Young and Crazy Horse meets the Talking Heads. They play bluesy, riff driven tunes written by lead singer, Dave Teichroeb. The occasional ballad. Poetic songs about Gabriola, aging, broken homes, travelling, climate change, love, technology, and the pandemic get woven in.

The band showcases a diverse range of Gabriola talent: Dave Teichroeb (guitar/vocals), Kelly Field (bass), Andreas Kahre (drums) and Fraser Gabbott (guitar/harmonica). Road Poets is currently recording a full-length album with Gabriola recording engineer/producer Ron Cote. Ron recorded many famous acts in his career from Stevie Ray Vaughn to the Ramones.

Road Poets performing Cortez The Killer

Brian Green

Brian writes songs. It’s original music that feels traditional – sometimes what folks are calling “alt-country”, sometimes old-school folk, sometimes rootsy rock’n’roll. But always, more than anything, it is about the song, the people around the song, the land and history that make us all together. Brian will be joined by Victoria’s Tyler Lieb on guitar.