Littlest Chamber Orchestra of Gabriola


March 6, 2 PM @ Christ Church

Andrew Clayden(trombone) with Patricia Armstrong (violin) and Deborah Vitek (oboe)

Come hear chamber trio music as you’ve never heard it before! Violin, Oboe and Trombone combine to interpret hits from the Renaissance to the 21st century, including stolen and original compositions. For a pleasing eclectic musical experience, this is the concert for you!

The Littlest Chamber Orchestra of Gabriola

            The Littlest Chamber Orchestra of Gabriola (TLCOG), is a brand new addition to resident chamber music offerings on Gabriola Island. Consisting of Violin, Oboe and Trombone, it is an unusual combination of instruments while at the same time representing each family of the chamber orchestra – stings, woodwind, and brass – within the group.

            The TLCOG performs music from the chamber repertoire for trio stolen from other more traditional groupings of instruments. The group’s repertoire runs from renaissance motets, to baroque trio sonatas, to classical and romantic trio works, to popular music of the 20th century, and even to modern original compositions . In true Gabriolan fashion the TLCOG has re-invented an existing art form in a new and unusual way. Come and enjoy the fun!

            TLCOG members include Patricia Armstrong on Violin, Deborah Vitek on Oboe and Andrew Clayden on trombone.

During Patricia’s professional musical career she performed with the Victoria Symphony, Edmonton Symphony, Vancouver Opera Orchestra (Principal 2nd Violin), and with the CBC Vancouver Orchestra. In 2018 she relinquished her post with the Opera Orchestra and moved to the South end of Gabriola full-time, maintaining her family’s links to the island, which have existed since the 1930’s.

Since relocating to Gabriola, Patricia has been unable to stop playing the violin and has found herself onstage with the Vancouver Island Symphony as well as with the Swing 7 Jazz Band and John Capon Trio.

Deborah enjoyed a varied freelance career in the Los Angeles area, having played with the Pasadena Opera Orchestra, Long Beach Symphony, Antelope Valley Symphony and the “Hollwoodwinds” – a wind quintet.

In a sudden burst of sanity, Deb moved to Gabriola where she now plays With the Nanaimo Chamber Orchestra, Bach on the Rock (SSI), and with the Faire Wyndes – a woodwind quintet.

Andrew, like Patricia, relocated to Gabriola in 2018 after a dynamic career with the Quebec Symphony and as Trombone Instructor at the Conservatoire de Musique de Québec. Prior to arriving in Quebec he played for one season with the Experimental Orchestra in Taipei Taiwan, which has since been re-named the National Symphony Orchestra.

Present projects for Andrew include performing with the Vancouver Island Symphony, Nanaimo Musician’s Association Big Band, Swing 7 Jazz Band, and the Purple Kush’n Funk Unit.