Corbin Keep – The Wild Cellist

December 11th, 7pm @ Phoenix Auditorium

“Solo cello performances, exploring new sounds and techniques – as well as honoring traditional ones – are what my cello and I were born to do!” 

Corbin Keep

Corbin began his lifelong love affair with the cello at age 12 because “it was closest thing to a guitar that my school offered.” By age 17, having outfitted his cello with a pickup and a wah-wah pedal, he ventured early on into improvisation and styles of music beyond the purview of classical. He studied music at the University of Colorado, Western Washington University and, most recently, VIU. As Assistant Director of the New Directions Cello Association for many years, Corbin has had the opportunity to meet and share ideas with non-classical cellists from around the world, which has greatly influenced his playing.

His current passions are searching out and learning obscure works for cello by female composers, creating cellistic interpretations of visual artworks by local Gabriola artists, teaching cellists of all ages and abilities, and continuing to explore the endless sonic possibilities for his chosen instrument. In years past, Corbin has performed across BC in festivals such as Sunshine Music Festival and Filberg Festival, as well as venues like The Langham Theatre. He’s also produced and played on many recordings, including three of his own: Call of the Wild Cello (2003), Bad to the Bow (2009), and UnBowed (2013).

Know as the “Wild Cellist,” Corbin is an incredible cellist and performer that freely plays with style and sound! His concerts are equal parts moving, hilarious, and rife with fun, cellocentric surprises. Admired by cellists and music enthusiasts far and wide, Corbin is a much anticipated performer of Gabriola Live.