Bob Bossin 75 (+1) Delayed Birthday Party with Guests!

March 26 – 7pm @ the Community Hall

After 30 years on Gabriola, Bob Bossin is well known for his music, his humour, his activism and his contributions to the community. Join some of Gabriola’s finest musicians – Paul Gellman, Brad Shipley, John Capon, Penny Sidor, Brian McMahon, Arlene Carson – in a covid-delayed celebration of Bob’s 75th birthday.

More of Bob’s musical friends will drop by on screen, among them Peggy Seeger, Marie-Lynn Hammond, Leon Rosselson, Rick Scott, Veda Hille and Scott Cook.

The evening is a fund-raiser for the Gabriola Arts Council and the Sierra Club of B.C.

For a taste of Bob’s music see or Bob’s YouTube channel. 

“Funny, informative and inspiring at the same time.” – Pete Seeger.

Vaccine cards, Photo ID necessary, masks to be worn. Mingling and dancing allowed!

I was born in Toronto in 1946 and raised there. My mother was an artist (see Marci) and my dad was, well, see Davy the Punk. I went to the University of Toronto at the height of the sixties, then Rochdale College. I actually have a Rochdale College PhD (it’s a long story).

In 1971 Marie-Lynn Hammond and I founded Stringband. We toured for the next 15 years (see Whatever Happened to Stringband?). Then, in the late 80s, I formulated Bossin’s Home Remedy for Nuclear War. The medicine show toured Canada, the US, Australia and New Zealand, selling some 9000 bottles of the stuff.

In 1991, I moved to Gabriola Island; in 1992, I married Mary Jo Fulmer; in 1993, Madelyn (aka Gee) was born; in 1999, Davy was. In 2004 Mary Jo moved back to town.

In 1994, I released GABRIOLA V0R1X0. As well, Nettie Wild directed Sulphur Passage, a music video/ mini-documentary set to my song about the Clayoquot forest protests. It won a half-dozen international awards and, more importantly, played a significant role in the fight to preserve Clayoquot wilderness. (See How I saved Clayoquot.)

In 2003, The Indispensable Stringband, a retrospective box set of Stringband’s music, was released. In 2005, I recorded The Roses on Annie’s Table. That year I met Sima Elizabeth Shefrin. We have been partners ever since, marrying in 2012. Elizabeth illustrated my little book Latkes.

From 2006 to 2014 I researched and wrote Davy the Punk, my book about my dad. It was published by The Porcupine’s Quill in 2014. As well I wrote a musical version of “Davy” that I have been performing on stage ever since.

That’s about it.